When you start attending the youth group, you will be studying the book "Christian Beliefs" by Wayne Grudem. In addition to a reading assignment each week, each student will be given a workbook to complete.


Week 1 - What is the Bible?
Week 2 - What is God Like?
Week 3 - What is the Trinity?
Week 4 - What is Creation?
Week 5 - What is Prayer?
Week 6 - What are Angels, Satan, & Demons?
Week 7 - What is Man?
What is Sin?
Week 8 - Who is Christ?
Week 9 - What is Atonement?
What is the Resurrection?
Week 10 - What is Election?
What Does It Mean to Become a Christian?
Week 11 - What are Justification & Adopton?
What are Sanctification & Perseverance?
What is Death?
Week 12 - What is the Church?
Week 13 - What will Happen When Christ Returns?
What is the Final Judgement?
What is Heaven?