Our Mission

Spreading the Gospel in the TN Valley
Spreading the Gospel in the TN Valley

Our desire is to multiply people who are passionately pursuing Jesus and fearlessly on mission.

Here's what we mean . . .

The church is not about a building, a program, or even a service but people. We can easily get that confused and lose the fact that all of these things are tools. So at Hope we want to be about the people. But not just a person but multiplying people. Not because we want a big gathering, but because we want the most people to know about our greatest pursuit, Jesus.

Learning more Bible is vital. Being in community with other Christians is essential. Prayer is a must. But all of these things are ultimately the means not the goal. All of these are important but what they should do is point us toward Jesus, the God-man who took the punishment we deserve and calls us to follow him. And so, we want to pursue him. And we want to help others follow Jesus passionately.

This is not the 'us-four-and-no-more' club. We are here to join God on His mission. He has tasked us with being the demonstration and mouthpieces for the gospel. We recognize that this message is not popular and communicating it could be hazardous, but we are not alone. He's with us. So we fearlessly love people and tell them the gospel truth.