A Tale of Two Houses

Sun, Jan 19, 2020
Now the sons of Eli were worthless men. They did not know the LORD. . . And the boy Samuel grew in the presence of the LORD. - 1 Samuel 2:12-21 (ESV) Reporters are always on the look out for scoops and scandals and it seems that there is an endless supply. From politics to baseball, the news is full of them. The church is not without it's fair share. Even in the last few months reports have emerged about that have include churches and clergy involved in varied sins and illegal activities. It's the sad reality of living in a broken world. What are the consequences for such behavior? Does God care? What happens when those that should be God's representatives fail? The story in 1 Samuel 2-3 is the story of two families headed in opposite directions. Eli and his sons were supposed to be the priests of Israel, interceding for the people, but instead they fed their passions. Samuel is a young man growing up alongside of those failures. In these chapters we find God's judgement and grace and look beyond them for a prophet, priest, and king whose interests are not divided. Would you take a few minutes to read through these chapters (1 Samuel 1-2) to get your mind and heart ready to learn and worship together.
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