Paul On Trial: Felix

Sun, Mar 26, 2017
For we have found this man a plague, one who stirs up riots among all the Jews throughout the world and is a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes. He even tried to profane the temple, but we seized him. By examining him yourself you will be able to find out from him about everything of which we accuse him.” -- Acts 24:5-8 (ESV) Revolutionary! Cult Leader! Blasphemer! These were charges leveled at Paul by the Jewish establishment lawyers. These weren’t new allegations. The crowd at Thessalonica had called Paul and his companions, ‘men who had turned the world upside down’ (Acts 17:6). Riots and revolution did seem to follow them everywhere. How would Paul respond? Would he come out with guns blazing and scripture flying? Would he respond like Christ at his trial by being silent? How would you respond? What if your life hung in the balance? This week we will look at Acts 24 and Paul’s trial before Felix. This passage gives a view into how Paul saw himself and his relationship to the secular government, to the religious establishment, and to God. I encourage you to take a few minutes before Sunday morning and read it through.
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