Sun, May 12, 2013
Duration:50 mins
Accordingly, though I am bold enough in Christ to command you to do what is required, yet for love's sake I prefer to appeal to you-I, Paul, an old man and now a prisoner also for Christ Jesus- Philemon 8-9 While the words I heard were, "Yes, sir" and the action I saw was doing what I asked, I could sense from both the clenched muscles and attitudes, that obedience was more forced than willing. As someone has said, "She was sitting down on the outside; but on the inside she was standing on her chair in defiance." We would like to think that our obedience to Christ is not that way. With our hearts tuned to the Spirit, we are gently led by Him. But honestly, it just isn't true, especially when it comes to reconciliation. It goes against our inclinations and emotions to move towards those that have hurt and betrayed us. Yet, that's what we are called to do. This week, we will continue in our series, Reconciled. In this section Paul's appeal is not out of authority but driven by a deeper motive. I want to encourage you to read through the short 25-verse book again and note the basis for his appeal.
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