Understanding Shame and the Glory of the Cross

Sun, Jan 02, 2022
Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed. - Psalm 34:5 (ESV) The Lord has given many great and precious promises to us as believers in Jesus Christ - one of which is our freedom from shame. Shame is a prominent part of our experience as human beings in a fallen world. We sense it every day, even when the word is not spoken. It is a multi-faceted experience that appears many times in Scripture yet remains misunderstood today. Our freedom from shame is so central to our hope, the hope of our standing before God in shameless perfection at his coming, because of what Christ has done for us and in the hope of the resurrection. Shame is also part of our daily experience in the struggle against sin and in our walk with Christ. Often times we are aware of our own experience and what God says is true, but our experience feels out of sync with what we know from Scripture. As we grow closer to the Lord, what we know becomes increasingly what we experience. I want to look with you at what God says about shame, particularly the cross of Christ and the shame Christ bore for us. My prayer is that we will grow in knowing our freedom from shame. We are free. God has blessed us in the heavens with every spiritual blessing in Christ. I hope you’ll plan to join us on Sunday at 10 am, in person or online, to unpack the blessing of freedom from shame and the glory of the cross.
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