Psalms: Emotion & Devotion

Psalms: Emotion & Devotion
Life is filled with ups and downs, laughter and tears, joy and fears. But often as Christians we are taught that emotions shouldn’t play a part in our lives. We shouldn’t be guided by them. And when they pop up we should do all we can regain our stoic demeanor. If they are the negative emotions we should put on a smile and soldier on. But is that really the case?

An honest reading of the Psalms seems to bring a very different experience. These tear soaked pages contain responses to real life in all its joys and horrors. They contain praises and sobbing. They have cries for justice and judgement along with pleas for mercy. How do we understand them? And how can these provide a pattern for our own experience?

Join us this summer for our series Psalms: emotion and devotion.

Sermons in this series

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