The Great Prayer

The Great Prayer
Have you ever been around something so much it fades into the background and you forget it’s there? Early in our marriage, my wife and I moved into an apartment just yards away from the railroad tracks. For weeks we were startled from bed by the 3AM freight coming down the line. But after about a month or so, we never heard it again. Did it stop? No. We just got use to it.

Unfortunately it can be like that with spiritual truth. When we hear something over and over and over we fail to see the reality of what it is teaching us. That is no where more true then The Lord’s Prayer. Many can recite it from memory. The phrases are familiar. But what if I asked you, ‘how has the Lord’s prayer changed your prayer life?’ Other then meaningless parroting now and then we would probably say not at all. But it was originally meant to give us template to transform our prayer. So why hasn’t it?

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