The Story - Beginnings

The Story - Beginnings
Jan 2014 - Mar 2014

We all have a story. Some of them are with dramas filled with wild twists and turns. Some are love stories. And some might be considered tragedies. But most of us are just boringly normal.

But what if there was a greater story? And what if your story and my story were just small parts of one huge story--a story that was more ancient than we thought and wide enough to include every person who has ever lived? And what if that one big story that put into perspective all of our stories?

This year at Hope we are exploring the Story that explains it all. Take some time to browse through some key events of this story below.

Wanna read the story for yourself? Here is a copy of the reading schedule for this year.

The Beginnings - How did it all start? Where did we come from? Is this how things were meant to be? In the important opening chapters of the Story, we explore these questions.

From the very beginning the story line has been about God’s people in God’s place under God’s rule. But not far from the beginning it all went very wrong. God’s people decided to rebel and become their own people and reject God’s rule. So God kicked them out of His place. The rest of the story is about redeeming, renewing, and recreating those initial realities.


Sermons in this series

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