Examine the seven sayings of Christ and considers His cross-work, where He defeated Satan, sin, and death through His resurrection.
    God's perfect work through imperfect people.
    Advent is a season of anticipation. We wait for family. We wait for presents. We wait for the celebration. We wait for the day. With each passing day the anticipation builds. But what if never came? What if like cursed Narnia, it was always winter but never Christmas? If that level an anxious anticipation pains you, you are starting to understand Advent. Because Advent is a season pointing us back to entry of One person. One for which the world was pregnant for millennium, Jesus Christ. 
    Will you come wait and celebrate with us this Advent season. Each Sunday in December we will sing, read scripture, light the Advent wreath, and examine these important hope we share.
    Do you have hope? Not just a wish or a dream but real, ongoing, life-changing hope. This world is filled with difficulties and disappointments on both a personal and global level. Discover the source of true hope as we go through "The Dawning of Indestructible Joy" by John Piper.
    Understanding God's Wrath and Grace
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